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Addition Accounting provide professional business analysis and advisory services on the Sunshine Coast  

Business Analysis - Management 


Tremendous time and effort goes into building and maintaining your business. When you’re juggling multiple projects, dealing with numbers can be low on your priority list.

We realize that creating a comprehensive snapshot of your business health isn’t the most alluring of tasks, but having it in your hands gives you a distinct advantage.


A good accountant will take the time to learn and understand your business environment, your tax situation and your financial statements. So. it makes sense to ask them to put all the pieces together and help you come up with a business plan and personal financial plan. That's where we excel. Years of working with companies through all the phases of a business’ life-cycle enables us to observe and impart a selection of financial strategies. We see what works and what doesn’t—and why.

We CARE about you and your business and want to help you achieve all your business goals whilst still maintaining a good work/life balance.  


Addition Accounting  can bring a new level of insight to your business, simply by virtue of their perspective.


Let's look at some of the areas we can help you with....

  1. Improving Cashflow and Increasing Efficiencies
    Knowing where you stand at all times helps you act quickly when opportunities arise. With your finger on the pulse of your cash flow and needs, you can better adapt and pursue new options—you can’t make good decisions in the dark.

  2. FInancial Systems Advice
    In the ever changing world of not only accounting and tax legislation but also technology it is reassuring to have someone that keeps abreast of all the many financial systems available.

    Katrina is proficient in all financial systems including Myob; Myob Exonet, Xero, Quickbooks, Quicken, Recon, Ostendo, Cashflow Manager and many more. She knows what works for each individual business and situation.  She can help you to take control over your financial systems and if required streamline the processes. Choosing the correct system will save you time and money by making the process of operating your business financials much more efficient. To gain a real insite into yur business we come out to you where ever you are located on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.

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