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Pharmacy - 6CPA

One of the most important areas that needs to be addressed for the future of pharmacy is the makeup of 6CPA. There is a real need for Pharmacists to all pull together and develop a model that will make Pharmacy sustainable not only for the next 5 years but beyond that as well. It is important for every Pharmacist to be in contact with their relevant professional organisation to address the contents of the proposal that is put to the new Health Minister.

It is time for Pharmacy to present a united front and stop fighting with “the Pharmacy down the road” over the cost of vitamins and S3 medications. In this day and age with the current ownership protection rules where only Pharmacists can own a pharmacy, we all need to realise that with the correct 6CPA agreement Pharmacies can remain both profitable businesses and also provide quality health care for patients. If we can move away from the current dependence on PBS reimbursement as its main source of revenue, pharmacy can embrace professional services, ongoing practice changes and clinical placements of graduates and link these to the 6CPA negotiations and payments from the Government.

This will not only represent a smart investment from the Government but also provide the best outcome for consumers particularly those with chronic illness on multiple medications.

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