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Xero - Print a packing slip


  • Print a basic packing slip to accompany and itemise the goods you send to your customer.

  • Use an advanced invoice template to create a customised packing slip that meets your specific needs.

How it works

  • Print a packing slip directly from awaiting payment or paid invoices in new invoicing.

  • This basic packing slip isn't able to be customised.

  • Include a delivery address, as well as a separate billing address if one has been added for that contact.

  • The packing slip will show contact details, item, description and quantity. Payment information and financial fields won't be displayed.

Print a packing slip

  1. Find and open the awaiting payment or paid invoice you want to print a packing slip for. If you’re still in classic invoicing, click Switch to new invoicing.

  2. Click the Print PDF arrow, then select Packing Slip.

The PDF packing slip opens in a separate browser tab, then you can print or save it.


See below link for further information


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